How we're helping to build a more sustainable travel industry

Learn more about we created our first-of-its-kind sustainable travel programme for partners and travellers

Making sustainable choices easier for everyone

We want to make it easier for everyone to experience the world. We also aim to promote a more sustainable travel industry, so we can collectively preserve a world worth experiencing.

Our Travel Sustainable programme recognises the ongoing sustainability efforts of our accommodation partners worldwide, wherever they are on their sustainability journey. While through our Travel Sustainable badge, which features across our products, celebrates those partners who have taken significant steps to make their guest's experiences more sustainable.

Next time you search for a place to stay, try the Travel Sustainable filter and see what's in your destination.

Protecting wildlife

We see animal welfare as a fundamental aspect of protecting and respecting the lives of other creatures. We also see it as an important part of maintaining a healthy travel and tourism industry. Our animal welfare standards shape who we do business with and what kind of experiences we offer to our customers.

Wildlife always enriches the travel experience. Unfortunately, travel doesn't always enrich the experience for wildlife. Popular tourist attractions and activities featuring wildlife often mean some form of exploitation and or suffering for those animals. One of the most problematic of these attractions is wildlife entertainment, where animals are removed from their natural habitats or bred in captivity and forced to endure stressful situations, and often suffer cruelty and abuse at the same time. That's why in 2019, set about building the industry's first-ever animal welfare policy for both accommodations and experiences. And in 2021, we expanded it even further to include marine mammals, reptiles and birds of prey.

We don't just recycle

Taking steps to reduce plastic waste is crucial. At, we continuously assess our operations to identify areas of improvement. In 2020 we swapped plastic for aluminium cans in the vending machines in our APAC offices, removed all single-use plastic packaging in our Amsterdam offices and replaced single-use plastic products with reusable alternatives. We’re also a signatory of the Global Tourism Plastics Initiative, as part of our effort to improve our own sustainability as well as to support our partners in reducing plastic waste.

Of course, it’s impossible to completely avoid waste – plastic or otherwise – so recycling continues to be a crucial part of sustainable waste management. We currently have waste-streaming systems in place in offices that are located in buildings or municipalities that support it, and actively seek alternative solutions for offices that aren’t. Our focus is on making continuous improvements to our processes and policies, so that we’re always incrementally improving efficiency and reducing waste.