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Image by Robert Lukeman

Sustainability at

Now, more than ever, responsible, sustainable travel is vital in bringing cultures back together and supporting those communities that depend on tourism. Research shows that travellers want to take meaningful trips with a positive impact – they just don't always know how. That's why at, we aim to make sustainable travel easier for everyone.


As a leader in travel, we believe it is our responsibility, and that of our industry, to help make sure this planet, its people, wildlife and habitats are able to thrive now and in the future. We're working with our partners to provide a wider array of sustainable experiences and give customers more sustainable choices when they travel. We believe now is the time to make it possible for people everywhere to travel more sustainably.

We're challenging ourselves, and our industry, to become more sustainable. We can't ask our partners and peers to do what we have not done ourselves. That's why we're reducing our carbon footprint, improving our energy efficiency and changing the way we manage our waste.

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