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Committed to collaborating to decarbonise the travel industry

Expand sustainability education program for travel provider partners in 2022
Investigate the funding gap for accommodations and support them to access available funds in 2022
Expand our Sustainable Travel insights program in 2022


As a founding member of the Travalyst coalition, we're committed to working with our peers in the industry to find a unified solution to achieving the aims of the Paris Agreement. We know from research conducted with our partners that they face a number of challenges when it comes to implementing sustainability at their properties – particularly small and medium-sized businesses.


To help support our partners on their journey, we created a sustainability handbook in 2021, working with experts across all the categories covered by our programme (water, waste, greenhouse gas emissions, community support and the protection of nature). In 2022 and beyond, we will continue to expand this handbook so our partners have access to the latest advice on these topics for their properties.


We've also learned from our partners that, despite subsidies and grants being available in several regions, many face a funding gap in implementing sustainability. In 2021, we commissioned a study with EY Parthenon and OC&C Consultants to investigate this challenge.


Knowledge sharing is key to advancing the industry's approach to sustainability. That's why we're also committed to providing our consumer behaviour research with the entire industry, making it easier to track trends and highlight opportunities for innovation.

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